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The Ironclad was a class of ship that was built in Wilmington’s Beery’s Shipyard during the Civil War. Ironclad Brewery was established in 2014 in a building that dates back to 1925, located in Historic Downtown Wilmington, North Carolina.

Ironclad beers have a complex journey from grain to your glass. It all starts with the fermentation of the imagination. We source hops from our hop farm, with Alexander Farms, located in Alpena Michigan. We also create our own custom ingredients with the help of local business Platypus and Gnome, Spice Merchants, Magiknights, and Pour Taproom. The grains are mixed with hot water to extract sugar and produce a grain tea known as wort, which is moved to the kettle from the mash tun and boiled. Hops, herbs, and fruit are married in this process to create amazing and wild flavors. Once the boil is complete, the beer is moved to the fermentor where the yeast does the magic, eats the sugar, and converts it into alcohol. When the fermentation ends, the beer slowly carbonates over a few weeks, is kegged from the tank, and poured from the tap into your glass!

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