Meet Our Team

Ted Coughlin
Chief Executive Officer

Ted has Electrical and Computer Engineering Degrees from Clarkson University.  He spent most of his career in the Washington DC region working in engineering and management positions.  While Ted tries to spend as much time in Wilmington as possible he continues to be the CEO of a venture capital corporation and is on the board of directors for multiple companies

annette pic.jpg
Annette Jenkins
Director Of Event Operations 

Annette started her career with Ironclad in 2019 as a bartender. She has been in the service industry for years while going to school for Business. After two years of hard work and dedication she was promoted to bar manager. With great success in that roll, she then earned a promotion as the Director Of Events in 2022.

Laren Avery
Head Brewer

Laren has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Food Service Administration and a minor in Hospitality from Central Michigan University. Before deciding to come to the beach, Laren brewed for Mountain Town Brewing Company and Boylan Bridge Brewpub.